Christmas by the Sea - decorating a tropical Christmas Table Setting with Pottery Barn

Christmas Table Setting 1

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas! It’s no secret that Christmas is my most favourite holiday & every year it is filled with so much goodness - family time, beautiful decorations, delicious food, sunshine and lots of laughs. This week I visited the @potterybarnaus Chatswood Chase store to ogle the incredible Christmas Collection. If you are looking for anything from nostalgic magical Christmas pieces to heirlooms to be, investment worthy decorative pieces and everything in-between I definitely recommend you visit your local @potterybarnaus this holiday season. A huge thank your to the amazing store assistants who helped me choose between so many gorgeous pieces. We’re a red, green & white Christmas family so this year I thought I’d mix it up with a summer ocean theme to honour the Australian summer season! Swipe through my gallery to see some of my new additions - glitter hermit crabs, lobsters full of bling & even a sparkling puffer fish!

Christmas in Australia is a summer celebration and this year I’ve decided to honour that with my Christmas table setting. Glitter hermit crabs, diamante lobsters, fresh summer fruit like pineapples & citrus as well as pretty blooms. Having grown up in a small town by the sea, Christmas day was always celebrated with a dip in the ocean before rushing off to backyard barbeques with family and friends. The long summer days meant backyard cricket in the afternoon sun, t-shirts and flip flops and swapping flies from the feast of salads and fresh produce, christmas bon bons and lots of singing about a white Christmas!

I’ve used a combination of light cotton linens, weaved details in neutral tones that add contrast, fresh paper daisies, marble & timber cutting boards and the Christmas ornaments have added an element of glam.

Christmas Table Setting 2
Christmas Table Setting 3
Christmas Table Setting 4

Belmond Mount Nelson Hotel: An afternoon tea in Cape Town

Afternoon tea at the incredibly beautiful Belmond Mount Nelson Hotel is something I recommend everyone experiences on a trip to Cape Town, South Africa. Set in the foothills of Table Mountain, the hotel is a pink oasis filled with old world charm. We were seated in the sun room for tea & I must admit my eyes did boggle when I set sight on the buffet of fine sweets & delights. 

We were offered a gourmet selection of tea & I picked a tea infused with rose. Then came our tiers of scones, pastries & savouries. The best bit - IT'S UNLIMITED. Sitting in the sun room and looking out onto the well manicured grounds of the hotel it was easy to spend hours enjoying the African sunshine as time just drifts away. 


The more the berrier: Papaya Bowl

Quiet afternoons in the sunshine with my favourite afternoon treat. A papaya bowl filled with Proud and Punch the more the berrier' frozen Greek-style yoghurt, fresh strawberries & raspberries, toasted coconut & drizzled with honey! 


- Start with a whole papaya. Cut it in half length ways & scoop out the seeds and some of the flesh to create your papaya bowl. 

- Scoop a few good scoops of the super delicious @proudandpunch 'the more the berrier' frozen Greek-style yoghurt and add them to your papaya bowl. 

- Wash and cut four big strawberries and a hand full of raspberries and add to your papaya bowl. 

- add in a few teaspoons of your toasted coconut and drizzle with honey. 

And voila, you have a seriously good looking and even better tasting afternoon snack for summer!


Berry Passionate: Juice Pops


Summer is just around the corner & I thought I would share a little summer twist on once of my freezer staples as the weather heats up!


1 x box of Proud & Punch Berry Passionate Juice Pops (Packham Pear, Raspberry, Strawberry & Passionate Fruit)

1 x punnet of your favourite seasonal berries

50grams of white chocolate (or your choccy of choice)

1 cup of muesli

1 handful of crushed pistachios

1 x dash of olive oil

First take your cup of muesli - spread it out on a baking tray & add a dash of olive oil. Bake in the oven on 180 for approx. 8 mins or until golden brown. Carefully remove from tray into a bowl and pop in the fridge for 5 minutes to cool down.

Take a microwave safe dish. Remove the chocolate from the packaging. Break up into small pieces and add to the dish. Microwave for 30 second intervals until melted.

Unwrap your Proud and Punch Juice Pops and arrange on a wooden board with a sheet of baking paper.

Remove your muesli from the fridge. Add your crushed pistachio nuts and mix. Topped the pops in the muesli mix. 

Add your berries of choice to the pops and baking paper.

Drizzle the pops, muesli & berries with white chocolate. I use a fork to flick the chocolate onto the pops to avoid big clumps. 

Now share with friends on a warm summers afternoon! A nice little way to treat yourself with Proud and Punch's Berry Passionate Juice Pops. xx


Winter Dessert: Warm Berry Crunch Bowl


I love good looking winter desserts & even better when they are jam packed with yummy goodness. My favourite at the moment is a Warm Berry Crunch Bowl swirled with delicious @proudandpunch frozen Greek style yoghurt.

1. Grab your favourite crunchy muesli, you can make this from scratch but I like to use my crunchy clusters. Take a couple of handfuls & spread them out on a sheet of baking paper on a baking tray. I then add chopped walnuts, coconut flakes & drizzle with honey.
2. Switch the oven on to approx. 180 & pop the tray in. Leave in for approx. 8 minutes or until the muesli has gone a golden colour.
3. Whilst that's in the oven take 1.5 cups of berries and microwave in microwave bowl for 3mins or until hot.
4. Once the berries are done add 2 scoops of @proudandpunch frozen Greek style yoghurt into the berry mix and swirl around.
5. Take muesli out of the oven & put in serving bowl.
6. Top muesli with berry & frozen Greek style yoghurt mix & add 1 dollop of @proudandpunch frozen Greek style yoghurt on top for good measure.
7. Share with your snuggle buddy!